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Background to the deterioration of polish jewish

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Unformatted text preview: n further. In a SS Journal, written on November 24, 1938, it is written (page 120 in Bauer) that Germany, because they don’t want criminals in their midst, would have to “be faced with the hard necessity of exterminating the Jewish underworld…with fire and sword”. I think, however, and it is in Bauer 209-210, that until the point of the Final Solution days, the Nazis did not only realize the extent of their own murderous ideology, buy they had no practical way of carrying it out either. Question #5: I. Background to the Deterioration of Polish Jewish Situation A. The new Polish State after WWI was divided economically, politically and religiously. B. The Jews made up 10% of the total population, 30% of the city population, 60% of those in commerce, 50% of doctors, and there were also many lawyers. C. Yet most of the Jews were still small town artisans D. Minorities Treaty, signed at the Paris Peace Conference, gave Jews civil and some minority rights and got the Jews promised support for school, ma...
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