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Clearly there is no solution when you add this

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Unformatted text preview: ble foe. His name is the Jew.” He says that they should “consider it a crime to soil the noble Aryan breed (note: refer to this on the test) of thy people by mingling it with the Jewish breed.” This is the main example of racial classification of the Jews. Clearly, there is no solution when you add this element to modern antisemitism, because the existence of the Jews is the inherent problem. Differences between Political and Racial Antisemitism: Racial Political 1. The Jews are a race 2. the inherent problem is the existence of the Jew 3. Racial Antisemitism’s goal is to make the difference between Jews and Aryan’s known, that one is pure and the other soiled 1. The Jews are a nation 2. the inherent problem is the Jew being given rights 3. Political Antisemitism’s goal is to repeal the emancipation Why did this modern antisemitism emerge in the 1870’s and not, for example, earlier or later? Modern antisemitism came about as a result of the enlightenment, and subsequent emancipation of European countries, the first of which being France in 1791, following the revolution. By 1871 all of the major countries had accepted parliamentary democracy as thei...
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