Discuss at least one proponent of the political type

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Unformatted text preview: o take over the world through different means and the only way to stop them is to push them back down to where they belong in society (political antisemitism), or to destroy them (racial and conspiratorial). Discuss at least one proponent of the political type and one of the racial type of antisemitism, outlining their arguments and the differences between them: PLEASE NOTE THAT SINCE I OUTLINED THE TWO IN THE LAST QUESTION, I JUST CUT AND PASTED PARTS OF THEM AND ADDED SOME INFO, AND I ALSO ADDED THE DIFFERENCES AT THE END Political antisemitism: Wilhelm Marr – leader of the League of Antisemites: In the program of the League of Antisemites, he writes that the aim of this political party is “saving our German fatherland from complete Judaisation.” They will achieve this goal “by strictly legal methods, by opposing…the further displacement of Germanism by Judaism…to force the Semites back into a position corresponding to their numerical strength.” Also in his book, The Victory of Judaism over Germando...
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