He did however continue to support the struggle

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Unformatted text preview: campaign to besmirch Polish honor H. Anti-Semitic propaganda made it hard for a Jew to be considered a “good Pole” I. It became increasingly difficult for a Jew to hold civil positions or to qualify for loans J. Endek agitators announced that it was time to expel the Jews K. Rightwing activist on college campuses attacked and verbally harassed Jewish students. L. The Church was upset with the violence against Jews and in 1936 Cardinal Hlond issued a pastoral letter condemning hatred towards the Jews as well as the violence. He did, however, continue to support the struggle against Jewish atheism and non-violent boycotts of Jewish stores. M. 1937-The Polish Sot Party condemned Anti-Semitism and supported granting national rights for Jews N. Gov. wanted to move the Jews to Madagascar and then they suggested moving the Jews to Angola (which would be acquired by Jewish financiers) In the late 30’s the Poles entertained a plan to move the Jews to the Sinai Peninsula O. Gov also sought to promote this as an international issue and sought outside help III. Jewish Reaction A. Jewish Zionists had mixed r...
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