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He has turned it from a religious battle into a

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Unformatted text preview: e idea that they are a separate people, similar to racial antisemitism. He has turned it from a religious battle into a national one. It may seem that there is a solution to political antisemitism, namely by undoing the emancipation (see Otto Bockez below), but coupled with racial antisemitism, which this form of antisemitism clearly leads to, the Jews have no chance. Wilhelm Marr coined the word “antisemite,” with his League of Antisemites b. Otto Bockez – in the Programme of Bockel’s Anti-Semitic People’s Party write that their aim is “the repeal, by legal means, of Jewish Emancipation…” 2. Racial: a. 1880’s - Wilhelm Marr – Uses race to define Jews: “the difference is in the blood” b. Karl Eugen Duehring – 1881 – The Question of the Jew is a Question of Race “A Jewish question would exist even if every Jew were to turn his back on his religion…” “…several doors are closed to member of the Jewish religion by our legislation…Through these portals the racial Jew, who has forsaken his religion, can enter unhindered.” It is even worse if the Jews convert, because then they will have access to all areas of public life; and since th...
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