Karl deuhring 1880 the question of the jew is a

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Unformatted text preview: living space in the East. Pre-war anti-Semitism : – Wilhelm Marr (1879)- force Semites into position corresponding with their numerical strength; stressed strictly legal means. – In “The Anti-Semitic Caticism”, Theodore Fritch (in 1883) wrote no Jewish teachers, no social mixing with Jews, Jew can’t give advice to non-Jew… no violence, strictly legal methods. – Karl Deuhring – (1880) “The Question of the Jew Is A Question of Race”; solely defined on race and not religion; mere presence of Jews is harmful. – “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – Member of Russian secret service produced this and it was translated into many languages and circulated all around the world; basic rhetoric was that Jews have secret plans to take over the world. Nazi Anti-Semitism : - Viewed the Jew as the Devil himself. Did not consider the Jew to be human. Found no problem with mass genocide of the Jews. Took different aspects of anti-Semitism from others, but the fist to take it to the next level...
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