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Modern antisemitism taken as a whole including all

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Unformatted text preview: y promoting Jewish freedom. Modern antisemitism (taken as a whole, including all forms: political, racial, and conspiratorial), on the other hand, Downloaded from: www.yumesorah.com HIS1285ZimMidRev1.pdf Page 1 of 12 HIS 1285 – The Holocaust Professor Zimmerman Fall 2003 Midterm Essay Review Questions provided no answer to the “Jewish Problem” in the long run other than extermination. This is seen in many ways: 1. In Political antisemitism: a. Wilhelm Marr – leader of the League of Antisemites: In the program of the League of Antisemites, he writes that the aim of this political party is “saving our German fatherland from complete Judaisation.” They will achieve this goal “by strictly legal methods, by opposing…the further displacement of Germanism by Judaism…to force the Semites back into a position corresponding to their numerical strength.” Also in his book, The Victory of Judaism over Germandom, he refers to Jews as “semitic peoples”, “the Jewish Nation”, and “Semites,” thereby furthering th...
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