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On november 12 1938 before kristellnacht heydrich in

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Unformatted text preview: hich demanded that Jews should be deprived of their rights as citizens. As far as whether the Nazis had a preconceived plan of how to solve the Jewish problem”, it seems almost certain that they did. Although the Final Solution¸ the plan to annihilate world Jewry, was implanted only in the middle of the war, Hitler and the Nazi party (and in fact Poland, pre-WW2) wanted mass emigration of Jews before the war. In fact, as they were approaching the war, the pressure to emigrate Jews was high. On November 12, 1938 (before Kristellnacht), Heydrich, in Vienna, suggests to the Nazi party that they should set up a central office of emigration which managed the emigration of 50, 000 Jews. Germany was, thus far, not so successful (only 19,000). Now, this emigration might not have been necessarily to other countries, but to certain areas, designated exclusively for Jews, as well. However, as much as this seemed to be the “obvious” solution to the problem, there is proof to suggest the Nazis would go eve...
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