Side point a young vietnamese man named ho chi min

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Unformatted text preview: ian, Latvian, etcetera) forming their own countries. Germany lost a lot of land to various countries, thus resulting in German citizens living in a different country. There were many Germans in Poland and Czechoslovakia, and this would later cause Hitler to claim that the Germans failed to receive true self-determination. Side Point – A young Vietnamese man named Ho-Chi Min attended the conference and attempted to secure self-determination for Asian states, but to no avail. Little did they know… Because Germany got snubbed on self-determination, Hitler would use this claim later on to justify his annexing of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia in 1938, and his attack on Poland in 1939. Future Responses – Hitler would later claim that Germany received the cheap of the Versailles Treaty, felt that Germany had been taken advantage of. He would use this claim while conquering Poland and the Sudetenland, his reoccupying the Saar region, his remilitarizing of the Rhineland, and his rebuild...
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