So clearly the nazi foreign policy was molded based

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Unformatted text preview: with mass genocide. - The determining factor as to whether a country was an enemy or a friend was based on the measure of supposed Jewish control in their administrations. (France = enemy, England = prospective ally). - Germans rightful rulers of the world along with fellow Aryan countries; believed that they were the only true humans; other countries with German blood were potential allies. So clearly the Nazi foreign policy was molded based on two racial factors: Their hatred of the Jews, and their belief in Aryan supremacy. Question #4: Essay Number Four: Downloaded from: www.yumesorah.com HIS1285ZimMidRev1.pdf Page 7 of 12 HIS 1285 – The Holocaust Professor Zimmerman Fall 2003 Midterm Essay Review Questions At first the Nazi policy was gradualist and opportunist. It is also fair to say that the policy was confused and haphazard. For example, the April Boycott (1933) against Jewish shops and businesses were not universally accepted and adhered to. Yes, there were a number of shoppers targeted and humiliated but they were still small in number. The early motions and pronouncements against the Jews gave no hint or i...
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