The 1936 olympic year appears to have brought a

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Unformatted text preview: ept) Jews banned from visiting or owning farms - fear of contamination 1934: Germans were encouraged to sack Jewish workers and to replace them with "honorable and loyal" Germans. But 1934 was considered to be some a year of relative calm, which soothed the fear of the Jews. The passing of the Nuremberg Laws (see below) certainly changed the complexion and reactions of many Jews in Germany. The 1936 Olympic year appears to have brought a period respite and quiet for the Jews. It was not to last long. For immediately after the closing ceremony, anti-Jewish signs and slogans that had been removed for the Olympics were returned. 1936: (Aug) Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler appointed in change of Jewish emigration and Jewish policy 1937: (Feb) Small German towns begin expelling Jews to the larger centres in order to announce themselves Judenrein, "Jew Free". 1937: (Sept) Hitler attacks Jews for property mongering - forces all Jews to register their wealth and property. 1938: (March) Anschluss. 180,000 extra Jews moved to Germany. 193...
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