These early concentration camps detentions centers

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Unformatted text preview: ndication of what was to come over the next 12 years. Still, Hitler waited until he had a firm grip on power and the reigns of government before getting 'heavy' with minorities and the Jews. The passing of the Enabling Law (1933), passed after alleged burning of the Reichstag by Communists, gave Hitler the opportunity to remove opposition outside the Nazi party and to establish labor camps. These early Concentration Camps, detentions centers, were a sinister signal of how sedition and subversion would be responded to. The events of the Night of the Long Knives gave Hitler the opportunity to purge (eliminate, remove) the Nazi party of the uncommitted and any who could challenge him for authority of the party. After 1934, policy could be tightened. Radicals on the far right were still waiting for Hitler to come down harder on the Jews and make good the promises he had made in his electioneering of the early 1930s. 1933: April Laws and the Jewish Boycott 1933: (April) expulsion of all Jewish Civil Servants 1933: (July) Law passed for the sterilization of the ill and infirm. 1933: (S...
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