With reference to specific antisemitic thinkers and

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Unformatted text preview: untryman of these lands. With reference to specific antisemitic thinkers and their writings, what in your view was new about modern antisemitism? New in the antisemitic scene, was the dropping of the theological bias against Jews, and the rise of a racial/national, political, and conspiratorial bias against them. With the secularization and democratization (note: Dr. Zimmerman used this word, so I’m assuming that it actually is a word) of the major countries in Europe by 1871 came the separation of church and state, which must have seemed like a Godsend to the Jews of those countries, because it hampered the ability of the government to hold a religious bias against them. However, the hate only shifted into a slightly different form, in which the government used the Jews as a political and racial scapegoat for any and all of the problems in those countries. In my opinion, the biggest difference between Christian anti-Judaism and modern antisemitism is that in the former the Jews had a way to dodge the cruelties placed against them through conversion to the Christian faith, or to be expelled and face the open road leading to another host countr...
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