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The words liberty equality and fraternity have

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Unformatted text preview: held the largest Jewish community in Europe, and they were in all of the sot parties – so this led people to think that they controlled the government. “…the words Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity have brought whole legions into our ranks through our blind agents…” This means that the Jews created the democratic system of government to allow for their emancipation, and all of the people who they duped into thinking that democracy is good for everyone are referred to as the Jew’s “blind agents”. “…for it gave us…the opportunity to grasp the trump card…”, and destroy aristocracy and monarchy, “…which was the only protection of peoples and countries against us.” Also, an important point in the Protocols is that the Jews have control over the media and can cater it to their needs, which according to the Protocols is world conquest. Again, we see here that the modern antisemitism as a whole cannot allow a Jewish People to exist or else they will take over the entire world – no solution here. So, just to summarize, the difference between modern antisemitism and Christian antiJudaism is that there is no solution to the Jewish Problem in the former. This is because the Jews are a race of parasitic people who are trying t...
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