W marr first coins the word semite to mean something

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Unformatted text preview: ent of racial anti-Semitism. • W. Marr first coins the word Semite to mean something religious, as opposed to religious. Jews are taking over society and are proportionately too successful. • Only in Germany and in Austria did anti-Semites make it to power. • Discuss the evolution of anti-Semitic laws, mention declaration of rights of man, quotas, etc 2. Treaty of Versailles 1919 • Created after WWI to promote democracy and to contain Germany and check the Communist threat from Russia. • Treaty created Buffer zone of democratic states between Germany and Russia. They all have constitutions that state equality before the law--> minorities treaty. All buffer states must have a constitution based on democratic principles • Creates 7 new countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. • Poland gets Polish Corridor, allowing them access to the sea. • Many lands were separated and divided including Austria-Hungary • Includes a war-guilt clause saying that Germany is SOLELY responsible for the outbreak of war Downloaded from: www.yumesorah.com HIS1285ZimMidRev2.pdf Page 1 of 5 HIS 1285 – The Holocaust Professor Zimmerman • • • 3. Fall 2003 Midterm Essay Review New European map is based on the principle of National Self-Determination. Because Germany was a mono-national state it was allowed to remain one state. Austria-Hungary had many different ethnicities and therefore it was divided PROBLEMS: 1. new minorities established 2. Austria and Hungary lose access to sea, and are very angry because Germany remains larger and in power 3. all new states contest the division of land France and England are dominant countries to enforce treaty. They guard the “sleeping giant”, Germany Nazi Party Ideology • Requires war at its core • Calls for German unification because after Treaty of Versailles Germans are embarrassed and disheartened and have Germans in other lands as minorities • Nazis say that the basis for German citizenship is race, and base a lot o...
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