When occupied poland they tried to keep their aim a

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Unformatted text preview: Zimmerman • Fall 2003 Midterm Essay Review By outbreak of WWII Nazis have plans to kill all Jews, they see this as the only solution. When occupied Poland, they tried to keep their aim a secret. Germans thought that Jews aren’t human, therefore, you can kill them and its not a problem 5. Deteriorating Situation of Jews • Jews are proportionately over represented in big cities and prominent professions, as in Germany. Jews employ over 40% of the entire workforce. This makes the Polish government feel very threatened. • After Pilsudski’s death things really begin to go downhill for Jews • In 1936 anti-Jewish economic policy intensified through a systematic and official campaign. This happened because the Polish government was pressured by anti-Semitic political parties. The Polish authorities discriminated against the Jews through indirect parliamentary legislation or by administrative decrees and tried to convince Polish authorities that legal and systematic anti-Semitism was OK. Examples: 1. Polish authorities subsidized non-Jewish merchants which then forced Jewish businesses out of Jewish 2. Ghetto benches 3. Law against ritual slaughtering • Polish Catholic Church supported Jewish boycotts however opposed violence against Jews as had been occurring in Minsk and other towns. • Endek agitators are al over the place being violent. They expel Jews from their shops and job and homes and take them over. • Unusual Jews have support from one non-Jewish political party the Sots support all minorities INCLUDING Jews • Polish government saw mass migration as the only solution to the Jewish Problem and used it to distract people from the real agrarian issues. It was also presented as a solution to the social and economic problems that Poland was experiencing at the time....
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