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10 law regarding changes of family names august 17th

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Unformatted text preview: ll not invade it and will stop further attempts to expand Germany. Hitler went on to occupy all of Czechoslovakia. And World War II began about one year after its signing. 10) Law Regarding Changes of Family Names: August 17th, 1938. Jews were forbidden to take 'Aryan' names. All Jewish men had to take the name of Israel to their own names. All Jewish women had to take the name of Sarah to their own names. Jews were forced to wear Star-of-David armbands/ badges. This is significant because this began to label Jews and now the this began to label Jews and now the Germans could know who was a Jew and who not. 11) Decree for the Elimination of the Jews from German Economic Life: The decree stated that Jews were forbidden to own stores or offer any good or service for sale or to advertise at any markets or exhibits. The law further stated that no Jew can be the head of an enterprise, and if he is in an executive position at an enterprise than he may be given notice to leave within six weeks, and no Jew can be a member of a cooperative. This law was significant not only because it hurt the Jews economically, but this law also made sure that no Jews would be in any sort of powerful position that might stand in the w...
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