Beck was a huge anti semite and was a major proponent

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Unformatted text preview: ay of the Nazi party. 12) Jozef Beck: In 1932 he was appointed the Polish Foreign Minister, and in 1934 he renounced Poland’s obligations to its minorities, including Jews. Beck was a huge anti-Semite and was a major proponent of Jewish emigration to Palestine to solve the Jewish problem in Poland. Beck negotiated non-aggression declarations with the Soviet Union in 1932 and with Germany in 1934. He opposed the Four-Power Pact, suggested by Mussolini in 1933. Despite strong German pressure, Beck refused to join in an invasion of the Soviet Union. Representing the position of the Polish government, Beck rejected Hitler's expansionist demands and, consequently, Poland was invaded by Germany 1 September, 1939, and seventeen days later by the Soviet Union. He also signed a defensive alliance with Britain which caused them to declare war on Germany, which started World War II. 13) Jewish Colonization Committees: Founded by Baron de Hirsch in 1891, the purposes of these types of organizations were to assist and promote the emigration of Jews from parts of Europe and Asia. It as also to establish and maintain or contribute to the establishment and maintenance in any part of the world of...
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