The nazis blamed one a man accusing him of executing

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Unformatted text preview: rd sometimes. 5) Reichstag Fire: February 27, 1933 the Reichstag, German Parliament, was burned down. The Nazi’s blamed one a man, accusing him of executing a communist plot. (it Downloaded from: www.yumesorah.com HIS1285ZimMidRev3.pdf Page 1 of 4 HIS 1285 – The Holocaust Professor Zimmerman Fall 2003 Identifications for the Midterm appears as if he just did on his own). Regardless of the fire’s origin, the burning served the Nazi’s well because they used it as a pretext to arrest communist Reichstag deputies. This was significant because not only was it the beginning of Nazi power, but on the following day they persuaded von Hindenburg to issue a decree for ‘protection of people and the state’. This suspended the constitutional guarantees of personally liberty and opened the flood gates for Nazi power. 6) Law for the Restoration of Professional Civil Service: April 7th, 1933. It was the first anti-Jewish law to be passed in Hitler’s new government. It states that only Germans can serve in civil service. It was not really a huge blow to Jews, because most Jews were not involved in civil service. It defined a Jew as having only one Jewish d...
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