The term was a semantic cover for an anti jewish

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Unformatted text preview: ed on anti-Semitism. The term was a semantic cover for an anti-Jewish movement. The belief was that there is a Jewish desire was to conquer the world. In the program of the League of Anti-Semites, he wrote that the aim of this political party is “saving our German fatherland from complete Judaisation.” They will achieve this goal “by strictly legal methods, by opposing…the further displacement of Germanism by Judaism…to force the Semites back into a position corresponding to their numerical strength.” Also in his book, The Victory of Judaism over Germandom, he refers to Jews as “Semitic peoples”, “the Jewish Nation”, and “Semites,” thereby furthering the idea that they are a separate people, similar to racial anti-Semitism. He has turned it from a religious battle into a national one. 3) George Ritter von Schonerer: Sot who led the left-wing German Nationalists anti-Semitic movement in Austrian Parliament. Advocated the unity of German-Austria with Germany and the exercise of German supremacy over mixture of nationalities, and had idea of expelling Jews. Hitler learned the idea of “German N...
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