This was significant bc it was beginning of notion of

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Unformatted text preview: ationalism” from him. Believed in the conspiracy of Judaism. This was significant b/c it was beginning of notion of having a complete German state. 4) Karl Duehring: German Philosopher. Wrote book in 1881 and posed the ideas that “the question of the Jew is a Question of Race” and “A Jewish question would exist even if every Jew were to turn his back on his religion…” This idea meant that the Jew should not be defined by religion but by race. He said that Judaism defines race and baptism can’t change that status. Says worst Jew is the “converted Jew” because it’s a racially un-German Jew who infiltrated into Society. “…several doors are closed to member of the Jewish religion by our legislation…Through these portals the racial Jew, who has forsaken his religion, can enter unhindered.” It is even worse if the Jews convert, because then they will have access to all areas of public life; and since the Jewish People are a parasitic race of people, we will bring havoc to whatever land allows us to enter public life through any means. Therefore, the only solution was to remove the Jews. He was quoted by Nazis word for wo...
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