c parental aspirations d parental academic efficacy

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Unformatted text preview: mune system -d-neurotransmitters: cortisol -2-Acquirable Skills in Athletics -3-Self-Regulation Out in the Open -4-Self-Efficacy and Academic Achievement -a-socioeconomic status -b-prosocial bhv. -c-parental aspirations -d-parental academic efficacy -i-positively related to their aspirations -ii-positively related to their children’s academic efficacy -e-children’s academic efficacy -i-associated with str. prosocial bhv. -ii-social efficacy & academic efficacy negatively related to depression -iii-depression negatively related to achievements -iv-the higher the efficacies, the lower the depression K-Evaluation-implications of social cognitive theory for moral functioning -1-crime -2-Doing evil and avoiding the cognitive and emotional consequences (3-D GAMBLE acronym) -b-self-exoneration processes-cog. Dissociation from consequences of actions -c-dehumanization-cog. Process of lowering status of others to justify negative bhv. towards them -d-advantageous comparison-cog mechanism to justify negative bhv. by comparing w/wore neg. bhv. -e-euphemistic labeling-cog. labeling negative bhv. more positively -f-blaming victims-for own fate -g-displacement-blaming others for own neg. bhv. -h-diffusion of responsibility-spreading responsibility for neg. bhv. to all others present -i-moral justification-evocation of relig./moral bases for neg. bhv. -j-gradualistic moral disengagement-moral drift to lower & more neg. bhv. -i-moral disengagement -ii-positively related to delinquency … -3-self evaluation and self-sacrifice/altrusim -a-self-evaluation Downloaded from: PSY3800BacWordList1.pdf Page 12 of 16 PSY 3800 – Personality Dr. Bacon Spring 2000 Vocabulary List – by Daniyel Hoffman Skinner (Ch14) I. Behaviorism A-Behaviorism-deals only with overt subject matter B-Radical Behaviorism-deals with current & future observable/measurable events II. View of the Person A-Environmentalism: The Importance of Consequences -1-consequence-event that occurs after response has been performed -a-changes probability...
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