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Iii basic concepts a against mentalism belief that

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Unformatted text preview: of that response reoccurring B-Beyond freedom and dignity -1-freedom-ability to choose bhv. from env. -a-Skinner doesn’t believe this -2-dignity-unobtainable, b/c attributes recognition for personal actions, not env. III. Basic Concepts A-against mentalism-belief that thoughts & emotions determine actions B-Operant Conditioning -1-operant conditioning-process by which an organism act son env. W/conseq. That influence likelihood that the bhv, will be repeated -a-operant-bhv. that acts on env. -b-contingent-dependency of second bhv. on first bhv. -i-i.e. B contingent upon A -ii-B’s occurrence depends on A -c-consequence-dependent/contingent upon prior performance of a bhv. C-Positive Reinforcement-1-reinforcement-an event is contingent Upon prior performance of response (resp.) -a-resp. changes likelihood of bhv. occurrence in future situations -2-Positive Reinforcement-process whereby stim. increases likelihood of resp. when stim. presented -a-Skinner Box-apparatus for stim. & resp. -3-rate of responding (ror)-stability determines conditioned response -a-ror = a measure of strength of conditioning -4-extinction-previously reinforced response not followed by reinforcer, causing decrease in response frequency -5-shaping-natural variations in bhv. exploited so that new bhv. is acquired -a-successive approximations-similarity of new bhv. to shaped bhv. -b-prompting-coaxing S’s to behave in approximation of desired bhv. D-Negative Reinforcement & Punishment -1-aversive stimulation-unpleasant/painful/harmful -a-ongoing aversive stimulation-situation from which S’s try to escape -2-Negative Reinforcement-process in which likelihood of response increases when it is followed by termination, reduction, or absence of aversive stim. -a-escape-removal from aversive situation -b-avoidance bhv.-demonstrated by escaping -c-regularity-enforces avoidance resp. -3-punishment-likelihood of response decreases when it is followed by presentation of aversive stimulus -a-positive punishment-p...
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