Inferiority school age 1 industry 2 inferiority 3

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Unformatted text preview: s. Inferiority-School Age -1-industry -2-inferiority -3-strength: competence E-Identity vs. Identity Diffusion/Confusion -1-identity -a-continuity -2-indentity confusion -3-str: fidelity F-Intimacy vs. Isolation-Young Adulthood -1-intimacy -2-isolation -3-str: love G-Generativity vs. Stagnation-Adulthood -1-generativity -2-stagnation -3-str.: care H-Integrity vs. Despair -1-integrity -2-despair -3-str: wisdom III. Midlife Crisis-Levinson A-mid-life -1-mid-life transition -2-de-illusionment -3-individuation -4-legacy IV. Sheehy-Women & Psychosocial Development A-age 35 Downloaded from: PSY3800BacWordList1.pdf Page 3 of 16 PSY 3800 – Personality Dr. Bacon Spring 2000 Vocabulary List – by Daniyel Hoffman V. Empirical Research A-Ochse & Plug-blacks B-Kowaz & Marcia-industry C-McAdams, Ruetzel & Foley-generativity, power & intimacy motivation D-McAdams & Mansfield-generativity & communion E-Peterson, Smirles & Wentworth-generativity vs. authoritarianism F-Peterson & Stewart-TAT on achievement, affiliation-intimacy, power G-Franz, McClelland & Weinberger-generativity correlated to psychosocial maturity Downloaded from: PSY3800BacWordList1.pdf Page 4 of 16 PSY 3800 – Personality Dr. Bacon Spring 2000 Vocabulary List – by Daniyel Hoffman Erikson’s Stages Psychosocial Crisis 1-Trust vs. Mistrust Age Freud’s Stages Results Strength/Virtue (0-18 mos.) Oral Hope 2-Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt (18 mos.-3.5 years) Anal 3-Initiative vs. Guilt (3.5-6 years) Phallic/Oedipal 4-Industry vs. Inferiority (6-11 years) Latent 5-Identity vs. ID Crisis/Diffusion (12-18ish) Immature Genitality 6-Intimacy vs. Isolation (20’s) Mature Genitality 7-Generativity vs. Stagnation (20’s-50’s) -warm, dependable parents = trust -cold, unreliable parents = distrust -non-controlling parents = autonomy -controlling parents = self-doubt -starts things = independence -doesn’t start = guilt of desires -schooling = completing things -lack o...
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