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Can solve their own probs 2 existence ex sistere to

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Unformatted text preview: motes creativity, free choice, belief that ppl. can solve their own probs. -2-existence-ex-sistere-to stand out or emerge -3-being-individual’s unique pattern of potentialities -4-processes/existential issues (6) -a-self-centeredness-neurosis = self-defense, symptom of vulnerable self -b-self-affirmation-courage -c-leaving self-centeredness-participate in society w/o losing sense of self by over identification w/ others -d-subjective side of centeredness = awareness-that vigilance which is shared w/animals -e-self-consciousness-knowledge of threat to self, knowledge of active role in the world -f-struggle vs. non-being-anxiety of Eros/Thanatos, acceptance of responsibility for choices & actions C-2nd orientation in humanistic psychology -1-phenomenology-attitude of discovery in search for essential issues -a-emphasizes consciousness -b-need to describe experience -2-empathy-sensing and participating in others’ emotions -a-idiographic-generally applicable discoveries come from understanding one person -3-organsimic approach-physical, psycho, spiritual components one inseparable unit II. Basic Concepts A-actualization: general and specific-1-general actualizing tendency- organisms develop all capacities to maintain or enhance itself -a-organismic-inborn predisposition for total functioning -b-active process-initializing self-satisfying and exploration activities -c-directional (not random)-organisms driven towards growth -d-selective-some potentialities not developed (i.e. ability to bear pain) -2-self actualization-lifelong process of realizing own potentialities to become fully functional -a-experience-openness to thoughts, feelings, perceptions needing consideration -b-awareness-consciously gaining experience B-Importance of the Self -1-self-organized, consistent, conceptual whole of the “I” or “me” -2-ideal self-what the person values & desires to become C-Congruence with Experience -1-congruence-self concept & experiences relating to self are consistent -2-incongruence-inconsistency bet. self-concept & experiences -a-beliefs = rigid, distorted, unrealistic, over-generalized -3-denial-inability to recognize existence of an experience -4-distortion-reinterpretation of experience to make it consistent with desired perceptions D-Personality Development: Favorable Conditions -1-unconditional positive regard-fulfillment of human interpersonal relationships -a-positi...
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