Ing talents weaknesses own views vs others views

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Unformatted text preview: f school success = inferiority talents & weaknesses -own views vs. others’ views -marriage vs. single -interpersonal relationships -dealing with kids & grandkids 8-Ego Integrity vs. Despair (50’s-Death) Downloaded from: PSY3800BacWordList1.pdf -accepting death -accepting not achieved all goals -will to live Willpower Purpose Competence Fidelity Love Care Wisdom Page 5 of 16 PSY 3800 – Personality Dr. Bacon Spring 2000 Vocabulary List – by Daniyel Hoffman Fromm (Ch8) I. Premise: Sociopsychological Orientation A-Humanistic communitarian som B-humanistic psychoanalyst C-existentialism -1-existential needs II. Basic Concepts A-existential needs B-frame of orientation -1-object of devotion C-Relatedness -1-symbyotic union -a-passive union -b-automaton conformity -c-active union -2-mature love D-Rootedness E-Identity F-Unity G-Transcendence H-Effectiveness I-Excitation & stimulation -1-simple stimuli -a-surface reactions -2-activating stimuli III. Individual & Social Character A-Individual Differences among people -1-personality -2-individual character B-Individual Differences among Societies -1-nonproductive -a-receptive orientation -b-exploitative orientation -c-hoarding orientation -d-marketing orientation -e-necrophilous character -i-attraction to death -ii-transforming alive into unalive -7-productive orientation: biophilia -a-productive reasoning -b-productive love -c-productive work IV. Contributions A-Family as the Agent of Society B-Social Character in Mexian Villagers: Implications for Diversity V. Limitations A-individualistic Western perspective vs. collectivistic Asian cultures Downloaded from: PSY3800BacWordList1.pdf Page 6 of 16 PSY 3800 – Personality Dr. Bacon Spring 2000 Vocabulary List – by Daniyel Hoffman Rogers (Ch9) I. Premises A-growth model -1-rejected medical model-sick ppl. need treatment -a-ppl. treated = clients, not sick patients -2-growth model-removal of growth blocks, to grow beyond the average B-view of the person -1-humanistic psychology-founded by Rollo May -a-emphasis the present experience and essential worth of the whole person -b-pro...
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