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Unformatted text preview: ve regard-seeing self as having positive effect on others Downloaded from: PSY3800BacWordList1.pdf Page 7 of 16 PSY 3800 – Personality Dr. Bacon Spring 2000 Vocabulary List – by Daniyel Hoffman -i-receiving warth, respect, trust, caring from others -b-unconditional positive regard-other ppl. communicate acceptance of person so that he feels no need to prove himself -2-accurate empathy-accurate perception of client’s internal world in a non-evaluative way -3-congruence in relations with a Therapist and others -4-developing positive self-regard -a-positive self-regard-favorable self-attitude from reception of unconditional positive regard, esp. during formative years -b-locus of evaluation-judgements of others form standard for evaluating experiences E-Client-Centered Therapy -1-7 stages Downloaded from: PSY3800BacWordList1.pdf Page 8 of 16 PSY 3800 – Personality Dr. Bacon Spring 2000 Vocabulary List – by Daniyel Hoffman Maslow (Ch10) I. Premises: Influenced by Gestalt & Existentialism A-Gestalt -1-grouping similar objects into a whole -2-grouping proximal objects -3-law of closure -4-familiar ground-figure vs. background B-Existentialism II. Motivation A-drive B-needs III. Basic Concepts: 5 Basic Needs A-Deficiency needs/D-needs types -1-physiological needs -2-safety -3-belongingness & love needs -4-esteem B-Growth need type -1-self-actualization -a-self-actualizers-make complete use of talents -2-SA’s needs -a-cognitive needs -b-aesthetic needs -c-meta needs/Growth needs (G-needs) -d-B-needs-ultimate goals -3-peak experiences C-D-needs fulfillment -1-ppl. yearn to gratify them -2-deprivation sickens/stunts ppl. -3-gratification cures deficiency illnesses -4-steady supplies prevent illness -5-healthy ppl. lack deficiencies D-preponent -1-lower needs required fulfillment b4 higher ones IV. Human nature is born, not made A-instinctoid -1-needs & values are biological & genetic V. Contributions A-Humans have inherent needs and values, and are self-directing B-insightful criticisms of psychological science C-psychological utopia: Eupsychia -1-good environment necessary & provides: -a-offer the individual raw materials for creative and spiritual endeavors & basic need fulfillment -b-allow indiv’s to pursue own wishes, demands & choices -c-accept delays and abandonment of choi...
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