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Unformatted text preview: ces -d-respect wishes, demands, and choices of others -e-get out of the way when appropriate Downloaded from: PSY3800BacWordList1.pdf Page 9 of 16 PSY 3800 – Personality Dr. Bacon Spring 2000 Vocabulary List – by Daniyel Hoffman VI. Supporting Evidence A-self actualization -1-Shostrom-POI (Personality Orientation Inventory) -2-Kasser & Ryan-inverse correlation bet. SA & need for social prestige B-Hierarchy of Needs -1-Graham & Balloun-degree of & desire for satisfaction -2-Williams & Page-measured each level of pyramid separately -3-Wicker, Brown, Wiehe, Hagan-immediate intention more significant than overall importance C-Peak Experiences -1-Ravizza-atheletes -2-Mathes, Zevon, Roter, Joerger-Peak Scale VII. Limitations A-self-actualization -1-western culture bias B-peak experiences C-Hierarchy Downloaded from: PSY3800BacWordList1.pdf Page 10 of 16 PSY 3800 – Personality Dr. Bacon Spring 2000 Vocabulary List – by Daniyel Hoffman Bandura (Ch13) I. View of the Person A-Inside/Outside and Reciprocal Causation -1-person factors-internal events (cognition & biological) } each influenced by the others -2-bhv} -2-external environment } B-Person Factors, Behavior, and the External Environment -1-Behavior Can Affect -2-Environments and Beliefs may affect neurobiological functioning -3-Behavior affects environment and vice versa -4-cognition and feeling influence behavior and environments C-Free Will, Personal Agency, and the Power of Forethought -1-personal agency-condition in which ppl. believe they can make positive things happen for selves and others -2-proxy agency-enlisting others to help control life -3-collective agency-society works together to produce desired outcome D-Learning -1-forethought-awareness that enables an anticipation of future actions II. Basic Concepts A-Observational learning -1-observational learning-learning from observed models performing useful bhv. B-‘Social’ & ‘Cognitive’ in Social Cognitive Theory of Observational Learning -1-relation between social &...
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