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Unformatted text preview: y σ zz τ xy τ xz τ yz ] • Stress vector: Under Ext. loads. (mechanical/thermal, . . .) body deforms. The resultant displacement of each point of the body has 3 comp., u, v & w parallel to x, y & z axes. Ext. loads displacements σ' s strains produce elastic strains Ext. loads 1 - mechanical ,, 2 - thermal thermal strains Chapter 22 Page 3 K. Haghighi so, total strain vector: {e}T = e xx e yy e zz e xy e xz e yz elastic strain vector: T {ε} = ε xx ε yy ε zz ε xy ε xz ε yz [ [ and thermal strain vector: T {ε T } = [αδT αδT αδT 0 0 0] temp. change coef. of thermal expansion Chapter 22 Page 4 K. Haghighi Also note that {e} = {ε} + {ε T } Generalized...
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