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Of interviewers judgments of applicants performance

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Unformatted text preview: rview – Perceptual biases of raters affect the accuracy of interviewers’ judgments of applicants Performance Expectations – Self-fulfilling prophecy (Pygmalion effect): The lower or higher performance of employees reflects preconceived leader expectations about employee capabilities. Specific Applications in Organizations Specific Applications in Organizations Performance Evaluations – Appraisals are often the subjective (judgmental) perceptions of appraisers of another employee’s job performance. Ethnic Profiling – A form of stereotyping in which a group of individuals is singled out—typically on the basis of race or ethnicity —for intensive inquiry, scrutinizing, or investigation The Link Between Perceptions and The Link Between Perceptions and The Individual Decision Making IIndividual Decision Making ndividual Individual Problem A perceived discrepancy between the current state of affairs and a desired state Decisions Choices made from among alternatives developed from data perceived as relevant Perception Perception Perception Perception offthe o the Decision Decision Maker Maker Maker Maker Outcomes Assumptions of the Rational DecisionAssumptions of the Rational DecisionAssumptions making Model making Model Rational Decisionmaking Model Describes how individuals should behave in order to maximize some outcome Model Assumptions Model Assumptions •• Problem clarity Problem cl...
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