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B c d dig deeper 8 a the quality of a routine checkup

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Unformatted text preview: a routine checkup improves over time. Checkups now may include EKGs, for example. Medical services are particularly affected by this problem since there are continual improvements in medical technology. b. The new method represents a 10% quality increase. c. There is a 5% true price increase. The other 10% represents a quality increase. The quality-adjusted price of checkups using the new method is only 5% higher than checkups using the old method last year. d. a. Measured GDP increases by $10+$12=$22. (Strictly, this involves mixing the final goods and income approaches to GDP. Assume here that the $12 per hour of work creates a final good worth $12.) b. 9. You need to know the relative value of pregnancy checkups with and without ultra-sounds in the year the new method is introduced. Still, since everyone chooses the new method, we can say that the quality-adjusted price of checkups has risen by less than 15%. Some of the observed 15% increase represents an increa...
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