World Civ Final - World Civ Final Archduke Franz Ferdinand...

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World Civ Final Archduke Franz Ferdinand · Archduke Ferdinand assassinated by Serb Guarilo Princip o Event that marks the beginning of WWI o Was emperor of Austria- Hungary, but killed in Bosnia o Changed to triple monarchy o Wanted to elevate serbs to position of power o Angers independent country of Serbia o Trapped in ally during trip through town and killed o because Ferdinand wanted to elevate Serbians (“Black hands”), kick-started WWI between Central and Entente Powers. o shot at end of an alley by Serb Gavrile Princip (Serbian). Austrians displayed the car and put it on display. Schilieffen Plan · Von Schlieffen Plan o Germany plans to attack France o Defeat Russia by defeating France o Germany against France and Russia Erich Maria Remarque · German Solider during WWI · Author of All Quiet on the Western Front written in 1927 · Recounted what he had observed through the violent experiences of young German soldiers such as himself Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (March 1918) · Lenin insisted that Russia make peace with Germans and Austraisn against heavy opposition from advisers · Civil war was bound to happen in Russia and Lenin knew the country could not afford to have foreign foes · Collapse of central powers eight months later nullified treaty · Marked Russia’s exit from WWI Nicky and Sunny” · Czar Nicholas II of the Romanovs and his wife Alexandra · Nicholas was indecisive when it came to ruling the Russian government · Rasputin o Russian orthodox Monk o Fortune teller o Nicholas’s wife believes he can heal her son o Stops son from having seizures o Reputation for womanizer, boozer o Gains trust of Alexandra and obtains power in Russian government o Royal family of Russia concludes that Rasputin must die o Poisoned, stabbed and shot at party, leaves party and drowns on way home · Country taken over by the Bolshviks and family taken to safe haven · Eventually entire family (including five children) murdered by Lenin’s personal order in July
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of 1918 V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky · VI Lenin and Leon Trotsky “reds” o Lenin was leader and Trotsky was right hand man o Lenin was a Bolshvik (Marxist/socialist) o Trotsky forms red army o Try to come to power politically by defeating Kerensky o Civil war between Kerensky white army(Russian czarist) and the red army o Trotsky’s brilliance as strategist and his ruthlessness were major reasons for the “reds” victory in civil war in Russia between 1918- 1921 o Trotsky was an actor in the USA before heading back to Russia o Bolsheviks (Marxist/socialists) o Added to WWI because of civil war o “Peace, land, bread” was the slogan of the Bolshviks 14 Points · President Woodrow Wilson (U.S.) · Blueprint for lasting peace in Europe after WWI. · Versailles Peace Conference (1919)
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World Civ Final - World Civ Final Archduke Franz Ferdinand...

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