British navy converts from coal to oil increased

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Unformatted text preview: L Growth in Nationalism Alberta is 2nd behind Texas in development and activity, 6th in World ONTARIO Early 1900s 1859 1859 1857 Petrolia production declines. Oil exploration moves west. Imperial Oil consolidates companies in Canada but is bought by Standard Oil (US) in 1898 Drake well in Pennsylvania First commercial oil well in Enniskellin, Ontario (near Petrolia 1980 1973 1958 1956 1947 1930’s 1926 1916 1912 National Energy Program OPEC increases oil price Canadian reserves peaking Borden Royal Commission and NEB Redwater (1948) Leduc (1947) (after 133 consecutive dry holes) Late 1930’s Third Turner Valley boom 1924 – 1926 Second Turner Valley boom 1914 -1916 Turner Valley In Alberta. British Navy converts from Coal to Oil Increased demand and Canada begins importing Oil 2012 2004 1978 1967 1964 1950’s 1941 1938 192...
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