ADMS 1010 Week 7 Retail and Consumers Winter 2013

1950 simpsons president edgar burton meets up with

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Unformatted text preview: way that Governmental purchasers as for tenders on supply. This is considered to be the most equitable way of doing business. Jim Love ADMS 1010 28 Las>ng Impact “R. Y. Eaton .. viewed the inquiry as a warning that profits must be considered “sinful” and felt that ‘never again must there be the flimsiest excuse for an inves>ga>on.’ “Even more than 20 years aker the inquiry, the company’s senior management was cri>cal of any area where profits exceeded 1 or 2 percent.” Jim Love ADMS 1010 29 Jim Love ADMS 1010 30 Wild Success – Seeds of Failure •  John David Eaton (one of John Craig’s sons) takes over in 1942 – family decision •  The end of the Depression brings a 60 percent increase in department sales •  Eaton’s expands to Vancouver in 1948 buying Spencer’s – the largest department store chain Jim Love ADMS 1010 31 Other Changes – Post WWII •  •  •  •  Emergence of a new middle class Per capita disposable income increases Move to the suburbs Increasing dominance of the automobile Strategically – what do you do? Focus on downtown shoppers or follow this “demographic shiB”? Jim Love ADMS 1010 32 A new challenger – any difference? •  Simpson’s had 5 retail outlets in five large Canadian ci>es. Like Eaton’s – Simpson’s paid great a`en>on to enhancing the shopping experience. ...
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