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ADMS 1010 Week 7 Retail and Consumers Winter 2013

Jim love adms 1010 17 why jim love adms 1010 18 deja

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Unformatted text preview: esse and to be popular with everyone. When you have been given the responsibility of running a business in trust for someone else, it is a different ma`er” Jim Love ADMS 1010 14 R. Y. Eaton •  An “effec>ve manager” •  Con>nued the expansion •  Opened in Montreal and competed with the older, more well established opera>ons of Morgan’s and Ogilvies •  Second store in Toronto on College Street in 1930’s Jim Love ADMS 1010 15 A Retail Giant •  8th largest retailer in the world •  60 percent of department store sales in Canada •  7 percent of total Canadian retail sales •  As large in Canada as Wal- Mart is today in the United States •  And today – it no longer exists… Jim Love ADMS 1010 16 What Happened? Jim Love ADMS 1010 17 Why? Jim Love ADMS 1010 18 Deja Vu •  Truly was the Wal- Mart of it’s >me •  Complex “controversial” rela>onships with suppliers •  “Due to the high volumes that Eaton’s generated, suppliers would sell their goods to Eaton’s at discounted prices” •  During the depression, Eaton’s and other mass buyers bega...
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