ADMS 1010 Week 7 Retail and Consumers Winter 2013

The trouble with most businesses is that they put the

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Unformatted text preview:   Lounge rooms •  Wide passageways •  Arcadian Court – world’s largest restaurant •  Focus on mail order and catalogue •  Robert Simpson’s mo`o was “This store must sa7sfy everyone.” Jim Love ADMS 1010 33 Differen>a>on •  Simpson’s went public in the early part of the century •  Edgar Burton – instead of being annointed by the family is sent to Chicago. His father explains “if Edgar did well (in Canada) he would be accused of being ‘pushed ahead of others’. So Edgar becomes a low paid shipping clerk in Chicago, living in a room “too small to even fit his luggage trunk”. •  1950 – Simpson’s president Edgar Burton meets up with Robert Wood, chairman of Sears Roebuck in Chicago Jim Love ADMS 1010 34 Robert Wood •  Chairman of Sears Roebuck •  Helped build the Panama Canal and learned about mass buying (a lot like Fedex) •  Wood believed that “broad public support and cul>va>ng a successful business were not mutually exclusive.” •  •  •  •  Did business with smaller banks (local) Provided agricultural scholarship funds Finance community improvement Requires store managers...
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