ADMS 1010 Week 7 Retail and Consumers Winter 2013

Us strategy of ss does not work well in canada ss

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Unformatted text preview: to take prominent social and charitable roles in their community Jim Love ADMS 1010 35 Wood If our democracy is to survive , every businessman has to take his social responsibili>es, his du>es as a ci>zen more seriously, has to devote more >me and thought to these responsibili>es and du>es. By 1952 – Sears was the world’s largest retailer. Jim Love ADMS 1010 36 Joint Venture •  Wood first ignores Canada as “too small” focusing instead on La>n America, Central and South America •  Writes to Burton •  Pushes the deal through against opposi>on in his own company Jim Love ADMS 1010 37 The Deal Five Simpson’s stores remain independent Simpson’s- Sears is a 50/50 joint venture Cannot locate within 25 miles of a Simpson’s store 85% of the goods sold in the new company were to be produced in Canada •  Purchasing is to be done the “Sears way” and all buyers trained in the “Sears method” (versus Eaton’s store manager autonomy) •  Profit sharing in this public company (versus Eaton’s pri...
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