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ADMS 1010 Week 8 Oil Fall 2011

B bennei moves from chatham ontario to alberta in 1897

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Unformatted text preview: MS 1010 7 Canada West •  Turner Valley (southwest of Calgary) in 1914- 1916 with two other boom periods, i.e. 1924- 26 and late 1930’s •  More experienced oil men leg Petrolia for work overseas – loss of experKse •  Turner Valley developed by Canadian independents •  Turner Valley prompts Imperial Oil to prospect in the Canadian West Fall 2011 Jim Love ADMS 1010 8 The PoliKcs of Oil •  The BNA Act gave “overlapping jurisdicKon” over naKonal resources •  Federal gov’t believes Canada’s future lay in NWT (ager 1920 discovery at Fort Norman) •  R. B. Bennei – moves from Chatham Ontario to Alberta in 1897 •  In 1930 the lands and rights to minerals were given to the province of Alberta – established in 1905 •  Also created the Canadian Wheat Board Fall 2011 Jim Love ADMS 1010 9 East and West •  German and Japan collapse ager World War II – Canada experiences a boom in industrial growth •  Demands greater quanKKes of oil for industrial and automoKve use •  Alberta and Saskatchewan are self- sufficient but produce about 20,000 barrels per day •  MariKmes and Quebec import oil Fall 2011 Jim Love ADMS 1010 10 Leduc •  Oil discovered at Leduc ager 133 consecuKve dry...
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