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[Sexism] Currently, I work at a nursing home, Presbyterian Homes and Services in Minnesota and have come across many instances when my boundaries do to my gender have been questioned. I constantly am asked them same question, “Where do you go to school?” which is always followed by, “What are you going for?” When I tell them Business Administration, looks of bewilderment fill their faces. According to many residents, I was good enough to poor their coffee but not good enough to run a business. I can recall a specific incident when a resident responded, “But that’s not a lady’s job!” I was confused. While I was growing up, I was constantly supported by family. Good grades, participating in sports and being able to help around the house impressed them.
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Unformatted text preview: Women are constantly not being taken seriously in the work place. I believe that the underlying cause of this is that men are still not willing to share the playing field with women. Women in the workplace cause many men to become insecure and for their dominance is questioned. In many men’s eyes they believe that women should still be at home taking care of children. But hopefully our society will change and allow women to step into the world and be just as equal as men. By doing this we must rid our culture of the “typical woman image,” and create a new image that promotes women and men working side by side in work settings so that they look at themselves as equals....
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