Coiled around metal magnetic field is generated by

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Unformatted text preview: 121; 2008 Typical Transformers Transformer is just wire coiled around metal • Magnetic field is generated by current in primary coil • Iron core channels magnetic field through secondary coil • Secondary Voltage is V2 = (N 2/N 1) V 1 • Secondary Current is I2 = (N 1/N 2) I1 • But Power in = Power out – negligible power lost in transformer • Works only for AC, not DC If the primary wires and secondary wires don’t actually connect, how does the energy get from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit?! Winter 2008 Lecture 7 11 transformers usually heavy due to iron core Winter 2008 12 3 AC Electricity 02/07/2008 UCSD: P...
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