How much does the u of i student plan pay for you a

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Unformatted text preview: o prevent adverse selecZon Coverage comes from other insurance The condiZon is covered by COBRA CoordinaZon of Benefits How much deducZble? How much deducZble? i>clicker i>clicker A day ajer leaving the emergency room, you are walking to the car with your new crutches; you fall and go back to the emergency room. This Zme you are admiped to the hospital for extensive injuries? How much is your deducZble this 8me? You go to the emergency room for a broken bone, it is set and you are discharged? This is your first medical treatment of the year. How much is your deducZble? A.  B.  $ 0 $50 C.  D.  $100 $150 E.  $200 Surgical Expense Benefit i>clicker Ajer surgery, the surgeon’s bills is $12,000. The Usual and Customary Charge is $10,000. How much does the U of I Student Plan pay your doctor? A. B. C. D. E. $ 7,900 $ 8,000 $ 9,600 $ 10,000 $ 12,000 A.  B.  $ 0 $50 C.  D.  $100 $150 E.  $200 i>clicker Surgeon expense You have surgery and an assistant surgeon charges $3000 (UCR). How much does the U of I Student Plan pay for you? A. $ 0 B. $ 2000 C. $ 2400 D. $ 2500 E. $ 3000 3 11/4/11 i>clicker Anesthesia Expense During surgery, an anestheZst administers anesthesia (per the rules on page 12) and charges $6000. The UCR is $5000. How much does the U of I Student Plan pay? A. B. C. $ 0 $ 4,000 $ 4,800 D. $ 5,000 E. None of the above i>clicker In ­Hospital Physician’s Expense You are hospitalized for 2 days; the doctor visits you once each day, charging $200 for each visit (UCR). How much does the UofI Student Plan pay? A. $ 0 B. $ 160 C. $ 200 D. $ 320 E. None of the above OutpaZent Expe...
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