Iclicker beneciaries iclicker john doe names his wife

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Unformatted text preview: nse Benefit Emergency Room i>clicker i>clicker You fall off a skateboard and hurt your knee. You go to the emergency room to have it treated and are billed $500 for the emergency room visit (UCR), including the Band ­Aid. You have not used The Student Plan before. How much does the U of I Student Plan pay? You visit a doctor four Zmes for treatment of mononucleosis. Each visit costs $100 (UCR). In addiZon, lab tests cost $250. This is your first Zme using the plan. How much does the UofI Student Plan pay? A. B. C. $ 0 $ 80 $ 400 D. E. $ 650 None of the above A. B. C. $ 0 $ 50 $ 240 Is it covered? i>clicker i>clicker Psychiatric and Drug Abuse Treatment You visit a psychologist once a week for a year for a total of 50 sessions. Each session costs $100. How much does the U of I Student Plan pay? A. $ 0 B. $ 1,575 C. $ 1,750 D. $ 2,500 E. None of the above D. $ 300 E. None of the above While apempZng to rob a bank, you accidentally shoot yourself in the foot. The police easily catch you as you are trying to hop away and take you to the emergency room before jail. You are billed $500 for the emergency room. How much does the U of I Student Plan pay? A.  B.  $0 $240 C.  D.  E.  $280 $350 None of the above 4 11/4/11 Is it Covered? i>clicker Beneficiaries i>clicker John Doe names his wife Jane as a primary beneficiary and his children Jack and Jill as conZngent beneficiaries. If John dies while all his beneficiaries are sZll alive, how are the policy proceeds split? Before traveling to a South Pacific Island, you need to get a HepaZZs A vaccine. The va...
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