of frogs deformed what result would you expect if our

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Unformatted text preview: sites can be ruled out as a cause Experimental Design observa<onal study e.g.: tally prevalence of limb deformi8es in the wild in regions that differ in the levels of the independent variable (such as pollutant levels or exposure to UV light). If your hypothesis is true, then limb deformi8es (dependent variable) are more prevalent in areas with higher exposure to the independent variable. manipula<ve experiment We control the independent variable and can set it at different levels in different treatments, while keeping all other environmental variables constant. One of the treatments should be a control treatment that is iden8cal to all other treatments, except our independent variable is set to zero. What is a major strength of a manipula8ve experiment compared to an observa8onal study? % of frogs deformed What result...
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