Hypothesis explana8on of a poten8al mechanism

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Unformatted text preview: of natural phenomena of the physical universe, and their laws. Science only deals with aspects of the universe that are observable, and can be interacted with and tested through experimenta6on. A brief review of the Scien8fic Method Ini6al Observa6on Research Ques6on “How?” “Why?” “What mechanism?” Hypothesis Explana8on of a poten8al mechanism Experiment Results inconsistent with hypothesis: Reject hypothesis! Results consistent with hypothesis: Accept hypothesis! Question: What causes limb deformities in amphibians? Think of a hypothesis and come up with a prediction based on that hypothesis Variables e.g.: independent variable: amount of pollu8on dependent variable: presence/absence of deformi8es Remember: The independent variable is proposed to affect the dependent variable in the hypothesis. 1) Design an observa8onal study or an experiment that can test your hypothesis. 2) Draw a graph or diagram that shows what you predict your results of your study will look like, if your hypothesis is...
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