Ceconomic and environmental well being are mutually

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Unformatted text preview: nton destruc@veness or stupidity. On the whole, they do so because market signals – influenced by subsidies, taxa@on, pricing and state regula@on, as well as land tenure and use rights – make it a logical and profitable thing to do. It is ojen profitable and logical because the costs of deforesta=on are generally not borne by companies clearing the land for agriculture or by companies logging and selling the =mber. Rather, these costs tend to fall on society, on future genera=ons, and oUen, on poor households in rural areas who frequently depend on the resources and services of the forest for their daily survival and security.” TEEB synthesis report: "Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity" Sustainability Defini:on: In a general sense, sustainability is maintaining a certain process or state. Essen@ally this means that resources in the process must be used at a rate wit...
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