Government incenves is an addional way in which

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Unformatted text preview: d that ecosystems provide at no charge. There have been akempts to [email protected] dollar amounts for ecosystem services. Damage to ecosystem services represents one “externalized cost” of economic [email protected] The failure to account for the full economic values of ecosystems and biodiversity has been a significant factor in their [email protected] loss and [email protected] Ecosystem services are an akempt to include [email protected] back into the market, such that market forces begin to value sustainable [email protected] by properly assessing long- term damages on balance sheets. Sustainable solutions have to be: If the concerns of sociologists, economists, and ecologists can be brought into [email protected], sustainable [email protected] in a society are much more achievable. Corporate Environmental Ethics Practicing an environmental ethic should not interfere with corporate responsibilities. It makes little sense to preserve the environment if preservation causes economic collapse Nor does it make sense to maintain industria...
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