Grand challenge 2 sustainably raise the quality of

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Unformatted text preview: l productivity at the cost of breathable air, clean water, wildlife, parks, and wilderness. Who pays the costs? Who reaps the benefits? Compromise is possible Regula:ons are another means of achieving increasingly sustainability through na@onal or interna@onal policies and trea@es. The establishment of protected areas such as na@onal parks, the endangered species act that makes the trade in endangered species illegal, and legisla@on that require adherence to standards in pollu@on emissions, such as covered by the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts of the US are good examples. Such regula@ons ojen require companies or other private actors to conduct environmental impact assessments, and follow guidelines to offset nega@ve environmental consequences of their ac@ons. In the US the Environmental Protec@on Agency has significant policing ability under the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts that were put into law in the 1970s. Government incen@ves is an addi@on...
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