Intrinsic value under this view the inherent value of

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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] they provide, and find spiritual fulfilment in nature. For example, the money spent [email protected] a [email protected] park (e.g. airfare, car rental, park fees, lodging) provides an [email protected] of the value of natural experiences in people’s lives. [email protected], people also value healthy ecosystems and other species even if they never expect to enjoy them directly. This ‘existence value’ of biodiversity is evident both in people’s behaviours (e.g. [email protected] to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] for preserving @gers halfway around the world) and in responses to surveys. Intrinsic value Under this view, the inherent value of life, and the immorality of ending it, is extended to the other species on Earth; therefore it is simply wrong to destroy them. This view has found strong [email protected] in several religious [email protected] The Judeo- [email protected] [email protected], for example, teac...
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