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Unformatted text preview: Invasive Species -   [email protected] -   [email protected] Growth -   [email protected] What is the Value of Biodiversity? Generally, the value of biodiversity can be divided into three categories: [email protected]/Instrumental value [email protected] value, • Intrinsic value U:litarian/Instrumental value Direct Ecosystem goods (e.g. @mber, fish) and services (e.g. [email protected], water purifi[email protected], climate [email protected]) it provides to humanity. Ecosystems are typically less [email protected] useful if we reduce their diversity. [email protected] important are the “unknown” values – the drought resistant wild [email protected] of crops or unknown plant chemicals that have an@- cancer [email protected], etc. TEEB synthesis report: "Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity" Spiritual/aesthe:c value A benefit to humans, but in less concrete ways. Many people enjoy the beauty of natural ecosystems, take part in the [email protected]..
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