Lecture 11 ecological interac1ons and ecosystem

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Unformatted text preview: input of energy to be performed The natural tendency of maCer is towards disorder (i.e., entropy or randomness). Living systems acquire and use energy to maintain their highly organized state. We call this metabolism: the biochemical reac1ons that acquire and use energy. Energy Flow & Nutrient Cycling Heredity Biology Unit 2 How do Natural Systems Work? Gene1cs and Evolu1on Lecture 7: How do Genes Run the Show? Lecture 8: The Role of Muta1ons Lecture 9: How Popula1ons Adapt to their Environment Ecology Lecture 10: Why Can’t Popula1ons Grow Indefinitely? Lecture 11: Ecological Interac1ons and Ecosystem Stability Lecture 12: How Energy and Nutrients Structure Ecosystems Lecture 13: Global PaCerns of Biodiversity What informa1on is directly coded...
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